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Chronometry Study Day

While the 2018 study day had explored the watch as a technical object whose success depends heavily on the emotional desirability it brings to the customer, this day will focus on the watch industry's commitment to customer satisfaction.



Les Petits Déj'

The Breakfast for SMEs and start-ups are back. This edition jointly organized by the CVCI and Genilem welcomes you around the theme: "Sustainability in business: what benefits can be drawn from it?".



Startup DAYS

Organized by Startup INVEST, this one-day event is designed to bring together start-ups and investors. It will include keynotes, panels, investor presentations, a pitch competition, one-on-one meetings and masterclasses for start-ups and companies.

Kursaal (BE) + Online



ILMAC provides a platform in Lausanne for the chemical and life sciences community and thus fills a market gap in French-speaking Switzerland. The event combines the transfer of current knowledge with high-quality product offerings in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Beaulieu, Lausanne

Freikarten für KMU und Startups


Launch of the Trust Valley

The SPEI is pleased to invite you to the launch of the Trust Valley. The Cantons of Vaud and Geneva are joining forces in an unprecedented way to create a public-private partnership aimed at promoting excellence in the Lake Geneva region in the field of digital trust and cybersecurity.



MedTech Investing Europe Conference

Supported by the SPEI, the 30th edition of the MTI will once again bring together leading companies in the field of medical technology, as well as numerous private investors (VC, business angels and family offices). This event allows its participants to discover the most avant-garde technologies and offers them numerous development opportunities, among others related to investment.



Digital Day

Innovation, sustainable economy, lifelong learning, ethics in technology - what does digitalisation contribute to making Switzerland more sustainable? Digitalswitzerland and its partners will transform the country into an open venue for community collaboration.. More than 150 free events throughout the country offer you the opportunity to inform yourself, learn, participate and help shape the future.



Swiss Robotics Industry Day

The Swiss Robotics Industry Day is a one-day annual conference is exclusively designed for industry to showcase the activities of NCCR Robotics and selected Swiss SMEs and start-ups active in the field of robotics through a series of technology demonstrations, posters and discussions.

Swiss Tech Convention Center, EPFL

Freikarten für KMU und Startups



Located in the heart of the Jura Arc of Technologies, SIAMS brings together every two years industrial players offering microtechnical production means. This exhibition, which was created to meet the concrete needs expressed by entrepreneurs in the world of precision, presents an unmissable range of more than 450 specialist exhibitors.

Forum de l'Arc, Moutier


GlobalTech Summit

Technology in daily life, in business and in science; this will be the leitmotiv of the GlobalTech Summit 2020 ! Technology has the potential to change lives not only in developing countries but also in our modern Society. That’s why the Summit aims to provide to all influencers, c-level actors, whatever the ecosystem, the latest trends in technological world.

Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne

Freikarten für KMU und Startups



The Space4Impact initiative ( wants to reveal the added value of space data, technologies and infrastructures to financial actors by supporting startups that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). To reach this goal a kick-off event will rake place in Lausanne in Lausanne with the support of the Economic Promotion and Innovation Department.

SwissTech Convention Center, EPFL



With nearly 1000 participants during the first two editions, FORWARD has confirmed its success and is looking forward to the 3rd edition of this event, dedicated to the theme : My SME in 5 years - The new dimensions of innovation. Nearly 60 speakers will lead this annual meeting of SMEs and innovation partners.

SwissTech Convention Center EPFL, Lausanne

Freikarten für KMU und Startups



The 2020 Lausanne Workshop is the seventh in a series of Lausanne-based annual Alzheimer’s convenings – an effort that began in response to the international call to action to stop dementia by 2025. It is a platform for stakeholders to advance a point of view and drive action through interactive panels, collaboration and workshopping

Mövenpick Hotel, Lausanne


Vaud International Business Award

The Department of Economy, Innovation and Sport (DEIS), the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) and Innovaud are organizing the 6th edition of the PVEI (Vaud International Business Award). The purpose of this award is to highlight the contribution of international companies, the diversification they bring and their positive impact on the local economy.



Tech Tour Health

Organised by Tech Tour and supported by the Service de la promotion de l'économie et de l'innovation (SPEI), the 10th edition of the HealthTech Summit (HTS) will once again bring together the most promising companies in the field of medical technology and digital health.




This highly targeted exhibition brings together the entire microtechnology sector and offers a very broad multi-technology offering, ranging from R&D to subcontracting to production technologies.

Besançon, France


Salon International du Climat

The event dedicated to the market of technologies and solutions for climate protection and the reduction of carbon emissions will give visibility to all new technologies and achievements in this field.

2m2c, Montreux

Freikarten für KMU und Startups