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Next stop - the digital age

The first cantonal conference about digital mobility will gather both national and international experts to answer the following questions : How to ensure a consistent development of infrastructures ? Which framework conditions to adopt for algorithm-based management systems ? Which economic model to promote for first "Mobility as a service" offers ?

Anthropole (UNIL), Lausanne

Freikarten für KMU und Startups


Salon des Technologies et de l'Innovation de Lausanne 2019

The Salon des Technologies et de l'Innovation de Lausanne is a 3'700 m2 event tailored for exhibitors, students and whoever takes interest in the new and upcoming technologies. The EPFL and La Journée de l'Industrie teamed up for this 6th edition, scheduling the two events one after the other and in the same place.

SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne

Freikarten für KMU und Startups


Smart City Boost 2019

Un hackathon sur le thème de " l'innovation urbaine et durable au service des ", les 22 et 23 mars prochain.

C.U.I. au Campus Battelle à Carouge (GE)


Business Development in China

China has become the third destination for Swiss exporters and is emerging as a global innovation leader in areas such as robotics, biotech, clean-energy cars, and AI. The policies launched by the Chinese government are reshaping the international business environment and are creating opportunities for innovative Swiss firms. Through a cross-cultural lens, a panel of executives and experts will share their insights and provide answers to several key-questions. The conference offers a unique opportunity for academic, business and public sector leaders to learn from one another and uncover how culture dynamics affect business development.

Y-Parc, Yverdon-les-Bains


Tech Tour Growth Summit 2019

The TTGS will again bring over 50 of Europe’s high-growth company CEO’s and their venture capital backers for a high-level Forum and Conference. The sheer number of CEOs that were considered by the Tech Tour Growth Forum selection committee to attend, plus the financial firepower and expertise of their investors, is one of the more compelling stories of 2019.

Lausanne Palace & Musée Olympique


Swiss Pavilion at Hanover Fair

Book your booth at the Swiss Pavilion and be a part of the largest industrial technology fair in the world. Join T-Link, Swissmem, Industry 2025 and ICTSwitzerland at the Digital Factory section.

Parc des expositions de Hanovre


Official Opening - CombaFarm

The company based in Molondin - Combagroup - continues its development and is about to launch its very first CombaFarm®. This hothouse will be equipped with an innovating and mobile aeroponic culture system that will be built right next to its french partner's conditioning factory Les Crudettes. Participants will be able to discover this solution's full potential "in vivo".

Les Crudettes, Châteauneuf-sur-Loire


Digital Trust 2019

Conférence d'une journée sur la sécurité, la protection des données et l'éthique numérique. Outre les intervenants, dont fait partie Innovaud, l'événement sera l'occasion d’assister au PwC SecTech Award 2019 et de découvrir une dizaine de start-up suisse actives dans la sécurité digitale.

Hôtel Warwick, Genève


Petits Déjeuners des PME & Start-Up

The 3rd edition of Petits Déjeuners des PME & Start-Up will collectively be organized by Y-Parc and Venture Kick on the following theme "Blockchain : un rêve en 2018, une réalité en 2019 ?".

Y-Parc, Yverdon-les-Bains


Seedstars World Global Summit

Attend to the final step of the world's biggest competition for entrepreneurs from emerging markets and discover the most promising startups from from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe; while at the same time learning about the tech trends in those regions and accessing a word-class network of global changemakers.

SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne

Freikarten für KMU und Startups


Startup Champions Seed Night

The Startup Champions Seed Night is an annual startup presentation event bringing together the most promising entrepreneurs from EPFL and beyond, angel investors, mentors, industry leaders and scientists for an audience of 250+ people. The objective of the event is to showcase fast-growing entrepreneurial projects to the community and educate the audience about seed investment.

Rolex Learning Center, Lausanne

Freikarten für KMU und Startups


PERL Awards

Attend the upcoming PERL Awards ceremony and find out about the 2018 recipients that have made an impact within the Lausanne area.

Beaulieu, Lausanne


MedTech Investing Europe Conference

Supported by the SPEI, the 28th MTI Conference will bring together again game-changing technologies and leading entrepreneurs with a wide range of MedTech investors including VC’s, angel investors, leading MedTech corporations, private wealth holders, family offices and many more. In addition to showcasing the most cutting edge technologies and the investment opportunities they bring, the finely tuned conference programme will also give unrivalled insight into the MedTech sector for both entrepreneurs and investors. With highly experienced and knowledgeable speakers you will be able to better understand how successful investments can be made in the MedTech arena.

Royal Savoy, Lausanne

Freikarten für KMU und Startups


RobotYx 2019

L'événement romand de robotique et automation industrielle revient pour sa cinquième édition. Conférences et visites d'entreprises rythmeront la manifestation organisée à Y-PARC.



LE lieu où sport et innovation se rencontrent

A quoi le sport ressemblera-t-il à l’avenir ? Comment la technologie aura-t-elle un impact sur la façon dont le sport est pratiqué, est conçu, est géré au niveau institutionnel ? Les réponses à ces questions vous intéressent ? Alors rendez-vous à THE SPOT, un évènement passionnant organisé par ThinkSport qui réunira de nombreux participants aux idées brillantes, visionnaires et rafraîchissantes, actifs dans différents secteurs stimulant le progrès dans le sport.

SwissTech Convention Center


BIO International Convention

Attend to the upcoming edition of the most important event for biotechnology industy through S-GE presence on the SWISS Biotech Pavilion. This will enable you to have an exhibition space during this topnotch event.

Pennsylvania Convention Center, USA


World Conference of Science Journalists

The World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ2019) is designed to strengthen the professional, ethical and technical skills of science journalists by increasing their knowledge of recent developments in science and improving their understanding of the forces that shape our world. The 11th edition will this time take place in Lausanne.

STCC, Lausanne