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The Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) awards the SEF.WomenAward to women with outstanding entrepreneurial skills, thus creating a powerful, future-oriented platform for women entrepreneurs. The award is presented in the categories "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" and "Entrepreneur/CEO of the Year".


Symbios Orthopedics confirms its attachment to Y-PARC

Symbios continues its expansion on the Y-PARC site with the construction of a new 12,000 m2 factory, fully designed and tailored to the needs of the leader in orthopedic hip and knee implants. More than 50 million will be invested in the construction of the building by Mario Di Pietrantonio, representing a group of investors.


Last call : Innovation by Design Challenge

Are you a start-up willing to challenge your product or service from a design perspective? Are you a designer willing to support young innovative companies? Registrations for the Innovation by Design Challenge 2020 are open until September 27.


Swiss startups are preparing for the Las Vegas show which will be virtual

The Consumer Electronic Show, or CES, in Las Vegas will take place in January, but in 100% digital format. A change that requires the 30 or so startups that were scheduled to attend to reorganize their participation.


Cybersecurity certification designed for Swiss SMEs

Formed by specialists from the fields of IT, risk assessment, communication systems and political science, the ASLaC has been offering the cyber-safe.ch label against cyber risks since December 2019. This label, which was developed in a participatory process, guarantees SMEs that receive it an acceptable level of security in relation to current threats.


Enquête auprès des entrepreneurs vaudois

La nouvelle Politique d'Appui au Développement Économique (PADE) du Canton de Vaud, pour la période 2020 - 2025, intègre la durabilité comme axe transversal. Afin de la concrétiser, le SPEI et le Bureau de la Durabilité (BUD) du Canton de Vaud en collaboration avec leurs partenaires (CVCI, Centre Patronal, FVE, UPIAV) vous sollicitent pour obtenir vos avis et recommandations. Par ce sondage en ligne, il s'agit de mieux comprendre vos attentes et besoins concernant la transition vers une économie durable.


Call for applications : Prix SUD 2020

Le Temps is launching the third edition of the Prix SUD which offers visibility to three start-ups domiciled in Switzerland that are particularly dynamic and active in sustainable development (energy, environment, resources). If your start-up is less than 5 years old and is developing an original, responsible and marketable product or service, then do not hesitate to submit your application by Thursday, October 15, 2020.


Miraex intègre le réseau IBM Q pour continuer de collaborer sur le calcul quantique distribué

La start-up vaudoise Miraex vient de rejoindre le réseau IBM Q Network, une communauté mondiale regroupant les entreprises Fortunes 500, institutions académiques, start-ups et centres de recherche nationaux travaillant sur l’informatique quantique et ses applications concrètes.


Insolight: des panneaux solaires produits en Europe

La jeune entreprise vaudoise Insolight, 10ème meilleure start-up de Suisse en 2020, fait partie de l’ambitieux consortium Hiperion, dans lequel l’Union européenne a investi 10 millions d’euros. Portrait.